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Terms and Conditions, information and provisions for reservations for individual accommodation, services via the website and the payment on Apartma.net, apartma-on.net
These general conditions of use set are in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Slovenia, irrespective of the UN Convention, on contracts that they are managed for the international sale of goods, which are for application of the general conditions governing the this use expressly excluded. For the compliance with applicable law, all disputes arising from this website, is responsible the court in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia. In the case,  that one of the general conditions on this the website is invalid or become ineffective, this doesn’t impact on the validity of the remaining conditions.

I. Data

Spletno oglaševanje ADRIA SUN

 Tomaž Meh s.p.

 DŠ: 90087062, MŠ:  6915868000



II Explanation of concepts
Contract: Accommodation bookings, reservations, advertisement made through the website Apartma.net, apartma-on.net. For contracts subject and general provisions are used  obligations and laws: RS 83/2001, Ur.l. RS, št. 30/2002, Uradni list RS, št. 2 / 2004,

Accommodation: accommodation and associated facilities (hotel, bed and breakfast, apartment, house, hostel, motel, tourist facilities, etc.)

Services: supply and access to the available accommodations. Their availability is given later, after an examination or directly to the description, depending on the offer.

Provider of service: the person or legal entity, the accommodation owner, operator or his legal representative, who makes it available.
Contracting party: A person, who has agreed to a contract or bookings with Apartma.net, apartma-on.net Site or the holders of bank cards, was done by the payment.

Basic services: All essential services that are listed in by the booking (for example: bed, bed and breakfast, half board, night-overstay)

Additional services: All services that are not listed, or by the service provider are not basic services, or service, for which are requested additional costs.

II Use of personal data

1 /  For the booking and information service will Apartma.net, apartma-on.net not verify any data, but this information is displayed on the website in accordance with the operation. The responsibility for the accuracy of the information is on the person, who has given the information. Apartma.net, apartma-on.net also assumes no responsibility for irregularities in the transfer of data, or damage, taht can be caused by inaccuracies in the data.
2 / Mandatory disclosure of information at the time of booking accommodation refers to: name, e-mail address, age, phone number and nationality. All data is then transmitted on Apartma.net, apartma-on.net provider or the recipient, for the implementation of the provisions, bookings or reservations.

III. The prices of the services

1 / Price of service includes primary service, which is described in the descriptions of individual offer.
This price includes all taxes, state and local taxes. In the event, that the price does not include taxes or tax services is this specifically emphasized, for example: final cleaning, application fee, etc., namely, that these services are paid separately.
2 / Price do not include travel costs or the costs, connected with the arrival to the point of accommodation.

IV. Valid online contract

1 / Contractor makes a bid or orders a service on Apartma.net, apartma-on.net by completing the form on the page Apartma.net, apartma-on.net, through a system of registration and confirmation by email.
2 / Conditions for validity:
-payment of fees for services by credit card, Moneta, Paypal or bank transfer
-certificate concerning the validity with an e-mail from Apartma.net, apartma-on.net .

V. Currency for the payment

1 / Currency for the payment is euro, or its equivalents on the average rate of Nacional Bank of Slovenia.

VI. Information of accommodations and their assessments

1 / Apartma.net, apartma-on.net is doing its best opportunity to deliver the latest and most accurate information in their systems. However, it is virtually impossible to repeatedly check the correctness of the descriptions of the accommodation and related services, so it can not be held responsible for its contents and not responsible for the accuracy and quality.
2 / Accommodations assessments are estimated based on average ratings and they are only a general guide.
3 / Assessments are the basis for the categories of accommodations, only information, which has been made available. These estimates vary widely from country to country, Apartma.net, apartma-on.net is trying to make these estimates as much as possible equal, but you should still take an interest about the country of your destination, and their rating criteria.

VII. Accommodation and use of services

1 / Sometimes providers require payment of a security risk-free upon arrival. In such a case, you should ask Apartma.net, apartma-on.net, phone: 00386-31-629-960. The security risk is paid for damage and in the end it will be refunded, if the room is in its original condition.
2 / Guests are obliged to respect the rules and laws of the state and are responsible for any damages they made.

VIII Number and age of guests

1 / Number of guests, who come to the accommodation, must not be greater than the number specified in the reservation. Age of the guests arriving at the accommodation may not be higher than said in the booking. Otherwise, the service can be rejected or you may request to an additional payment. In such cases Apartma.net, apartma-on.net assumes no responsibility.

IX. Modification or termination of the contract

Withdrawal or modification one confirmed booking of accommodation is possible with compliance with the following conditions:
Withdrawal or amendment must be done as soon as possible, it must be notified with writing by post or e-mail. The date of withdrawal is the day that it has arrived on Apartma.net, apartma-on.net. If this is not a working day, this is the next business day.
If the advertiser of the accommodation confirmed reservation or changes a confirmed reservation, he is obliged to bear all costs resulting there for.
Apartma.net, apartma-on.net is not obligated under any circumstances, negotiate or intervene in negotiations between providers and users.
Apartment-on.net assumes no liability for any changes in prices, the number of passengers between the ages of travelers, dates of arrival and departure, or other information that is not listed on the website or email.

XI. Changes or cancellations on Apartma.net, apartma-on.net

Apartma.net, apartma-on.net will change or delete the data only at the request of the advertiser, user, in case of failure to fulfill conditions relating to false statements to mislead recipients, or in cases of force majeure.


All complaints from the operation of accommodation and activities booking system and payment should be sent to:
Spletno oglaševanje ADRIA SUN

 Tomaž Meh s.p.

 DŠ: 90087062, MŠ:  6915868000


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Complaints must be resolved as quickly as possible and they must be made with an official report. In any case, all parties have the opportunity to discuss the complaint.

XI. Privacy

Personal data of persons on Apartma-on.net will be deleted from the database according to usage.

The data are not provided to the third persons. Registered companies can immediately demand the erasure of data from our database.

X. Final terms

Users of this site notes all the terms of this agreement and does not need a specific notification, confirming the use of the site, that he is aware of.