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Banjol 327 in 328, Rab, Kvarner, 51280, Croatia

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ARBIA Ville is located in the first row from the sea, the sea and the beach is only 30 meters with beautiful views of the old town Rab and magnificent four Rab bell towers. Built in the era of the Austro-Hungarian Empire with details of Art Nouveau era.


Possess with apartments and double chambers and family four-bedded rooms (two double with bathroom). Each of our guest receives a lot of attention and hospitality. The smell of the sea and plants also extends to the rooms, and contributed to the fact that will make your holiday unforgettable.


Vili Rio and Magdalena are in the shadow of Mediterranean plants, away from the sea only 30 meters with a beautiful view of the old town Rab and magnificent four belfries. Located in the bay Padova I, the most beautiful location on the island of Rab. Location is very favourable for pleasant walks to the old town, a 15 minute walk or enjoy the beautiful beaches, located next to the villa or ride with Taxi boats to the beautiful hidden coves. The villa was built during the Austro-Hungarian Empire.


Villas dispose of double and four bedded rooms. View most rooms with sea and Old Town. The size of the double rooms 18m2 and consists of one bedroom, hall and bathroom size four-bed rooms are 37m2, with two bedrooms, hall and bathroom. The greater part of the rooms have their own balcony or terrace.


They are equipped with:


wi-fi direct Internet




minibar (mini fridge)


air conditioning in all rooms


Villa Margita was built in the early 20th century sculpted stone in art deco style and is to this day maintains its original model and design, which makes it particularly exclusive. It was built as a palace with a special selection of best stone from the Kvarner area. We can say that Villa Margita one of the most beautiful villas of the northern Adriatic.

Margita Villa is located close to the sea and the promenade with a beautiful view of the old town of Rab and the magnificent four belfries. Like other is located in the Gulf of Padova I.

Villa Margita holds:2x Standard Studio apartment for 2 + 1 person2x Premium Studio apartment for 2 + 1 persons2x Studio Deluxe apartment for 3 + 1 persons1x Deluxe apartment for 4 persons (2 + 2)wi-fi direct Internet,satellite television,kitchen,air conditioning in all rooms

FOOD & BEVERAGE AND SERVICES: We also offer breakfast or half board in Restaurant Padova - extra charge. The food is typical of Mediterranean cuisine based on fish or meat, richly diverse prepared. Breakfast is a wide range of food and beverages, a large selection of baked goods, fruits and fruit juices. Dinner is a great choice of dishes from the buffet, local, national and international cuisine: cold and hot appetizers, fish and meat dishes, salads and desserts, dishes for vegetarians. Food service is self-service (buffet, Swedish table) so that everyone can find their ideal meal.


Own parking!
Beautiful view on the Old town Rab
The beach 30m
Marina for yachts 150m
The old town is  15-20 minutes easy summer stroll by the sea away
Store 70m
Caffe bar 25m
Fitness Center and Wellness Center 50m
Swimming pool 60m (possibility of additional charges)
Disco bar "SANTOS" 15 minutes by car

Histroy : We cannot speak of Rab and not mention the legend of St Christopher, patron of the diocese and later of the whole island, whose relics are jealously preserved to this day by the people of Rab. Then there are St Marinus – founder of the Republic of San Marino – mathematics professor, theologian, physicist, bishop and archbishop, Marco Antonio de Dominis, and all the living island legends and personalities. Rab was a Roman settlement, awarded the status of a town by Emperor Octavian Augustus who pronounced it a municipium 10 years before Christ. It is the duty of us islanders to ensure that they are not forgotten, together with all the values of our civilisation that we will talk about later, for Rab is an island of long memory, a town of living history.

We also cannot speak of Rab and not mention the three beautiful town parks and the quartet of bell towers which have for centuries stood guard over the town, and which differentiate it from lesser towns.

Rab is the island of sun, sea and beauty and it is one of the greenest islands of the Croatian Adriatic. Numerous promenades and cycling paths will show you the way to the attractive island locations and they will offer you a possibility of enjoying outstanding natural beauties of the picturesque Mediterranean landscape and an active and recreational holiday. Rab is the ninth largest island of the Croatian Adriatic.

The island counts 22 km in length from the cape Sorinj to the cape Glavina. The island´s width is 11 km. The total length of cycling paths on the island of Rab is 157 km. The total length of walking paths on the island of Rab is 144 km.

Many a tourist town would be glad to be located in a place of such abundance as Rab. The fertile soil of Rab, with its fruits, and the surrounding sea, rich in a variety of fish and first-class shrimp – these form the basis of Rab’s healthy Mediterranean cuisine. Food here is so rich and so closely tied to the environment that it is even part of the range of souvenirs available on the island: the freshest fish and seafood, the Rab Cake – a unique-tasting cake produced on the island for more than 800 years now – and organically-grown olives, figs, grapes and honey. These are the delicacies on the menu of the many restaurants and taverns, prepared in the traditional way by supreme masters of the kitchen. To discover the cuisine and become intimate with its details is a worthy undertaking, whose reward is enjoyment par excellence. Tzg-Rab

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Room 2/1 - Rio 2 Rio 2
Rio 2

Max people: 2
Room 2/1 - Rio 3 Rio 3
Rio 3

Max people: 2
Floor: 1
Room 4/1 - Rio 4 Rio 4
Rio 4

Max people: 4
Floor: 1
Room 2/1 - Rio 5 Rio 5
Rio 5

Max people: 2
Floor: 1
Room 2/1 - Rio 6 Rio 6
Rio 6

Max people: 2
Floor: 1
Apartment 2+1 - A1 2+1 ST A1 2+1 ST
A1 2+1 ST

Max people: 3
Floor: 1
Apartment 3 - A2 2+1 SU A2 2+1 SU
A2 2+1 SU

Max people: 3
Floor: 1
Apartment 3 - A3 2+1 SU A3 2+1 SU
A3 2+1 SU

Max people: 3
Floor: 1
Apartment 2+1 - A4 2+1 ST A4 2+1 ST
A4 2+1 ST

Max people: 3
Floor: 1
Apartment 3 - A5 2+1 SU A5 2+1 SU
A5 2+1 SU

Max people: 3
Floor: 1
Apartment 3 - A6 2+1 SU A6 2+1 SU
A6 2+1 SU

Max people: 3
Floor: 1
Apartment 2+2 - A7 2+2 PR A7 2+2 PR
A7 2+2 PR

Max people: 4
Floor: 1
Room 4/1 - Magdalena 1 Magdalena 1
Magdalena 1

Max people: 4
Floor: 1
Room 2/1 - Magdalena 2 Magdalena 2
Magdalena 2

Max people: 2
Floor: 1
Room 2/1 - Magdalena 3 Magdalena 3
Magdalena 3

Max people: 2
Floor: 1
Room 4/1 - Magdalena 4 Magdalena 4
Magdalena 4

Max people: 4
Floor: 1
Room 4/1 - Magdalena 5 Magdalena 5
Magdalena 5

Max people: 4
Floor: 1
Tariff name Resource/property type Min people Max people Valid from Valid til   Minimum days Maximum days
Room 2/1 1 2 Saturday, 21 July 2018 Saturday, 25 August 2018 100.00€ Per day 3 100
Room 4/1 1 4 Saturday, 21 July 2018 Saturday, 25 August 2018 156.00€ Per day 3 100
Apartment 3 1 3 Saturday, 21 July 2018 Saturday, 25 August 2018 238.00€ Per day 3 100
Apartment 2+1 1 3 Saturday, 21 July 2018 Saturday, 25 August 2018 171.00€ Per day 3 100
Apartment 2+2 1 4 Saturday, 21 July 2018 Saturday, 25 August 2018 275.00€ Per day 3 100


Friday, 13 July 2018 27 17 Rain light rain
Saturday, 14 July 2018 27 17 Rain light rain
Sunday, 15 July 2018 25 17 Clouds few clouds
Monday, 16 July 2018 27 19 Clear sky is clear
Tuesday, 17 July 2018 24 17 Clear sky is clear
Wednesday, 18 July 2018 26 18 Clear sky is clear
Thursday, 19 July 2018 21 17 Rain moderate rain
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