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If you are longing for an ideal holiday in the peace and quiet, where all you can hear is the hum of the sea and the singing of the birds, Vacation house Gaj is the right place for you.

The house is ideal for Robinson tourism as in a dream.

“Gaj” is a secluded vacation rentals on isolation, 30 m from the sea, with three bedrooms, kitchen and two bathrooms, surrounded by terraces on all four sides of the house, with a beautiful view on the sea and the garden. It has solar electric power and warm water. Suitable for to 8 persons.

The nearest place is Stomorska, which is a 20 minutes walk from the house. Stomorska has two smaller self-service shops and couple of restaurants and pizzerias, wine cellars, night club and disco club.

Stomorska, on the north-east side of the island Solta. It is a small village with a few hundred inhabitants. It is famous for its old sailboats and there are about dozen of them. During the summer months Stomorska is also popular harbour for touristic ships, as well as for the numerous sailing boats and yachts. You can spend the evening on the terasse of the hotel with live music. And you also have a long boardwalk along the sea. The beaches are situated in the village and around it.

For practising sport you have ground tennis courts with all the facilities. Boat excursions and fish picnics are organised for Bol and Supetar on the island of Brac but also for the island Hvar during the summer season.

Dalmatia is Croatia’s largest tourist region, in whose waters one can find as many as 926 large and small islands, cliffs and reefs. Rocky drywall labyrinths in the countless vineyards and olive groves follow you through the region’s three parts – Northern, Central and Southern Dalmatia. Each contains unique cultural sights found in Mediterranean towns, as well as delightful, untouched nature.

The small island of Šolta is a paradise waiting for its many tidy coves to be discovered. The holiday explorer can hardly miss the remains of Roman past or the surprising sight of a baroque castle interrupting a row of stone houses. Šolta invites you to become an “islander” yourself – it will treat you to its finest olive oil and involve you in fishermen’s feasts and the old “grudges” of the locals.

The stony footsteps of Šolta’s past

Šolta island welcomes its visitors in the main harbor of Rogač, a town named for the carob tree. In Banje cove, you can see the preserved remains of old Roman constructions. Grohote, Šolta’s oldest and largest town – has a church with fresco paintings from the fourteenth century, and the island’s main place of worship, Saint Stephen’s, is also found here.

The ideal place to explore the typical Mediterranean architecture of Šolta is Gornje Selo, where a stone castle and its two towers are all that remains from the town center of antiquity.

An unusual pairing of traditional Dalmatian houses and the Marchi family’s 1706 baroque castle is waiting for visitors in Maslinica. This cove is surrounded by a cluster of seven small islands, the largest of which, Stipanska, contains the remains of a sixth-century church.

Šolta, the unexplored island of figs and olives

The Ancient Greek name for Šolta – Nesos Olynthia – signifies a place of unripe figs. The island is criscrossed with vineyards and olive groves, the fruits of which were once transported by schooners – wooden sailboats used today for pleasure-cruises along the Adriatic.

The natural wealth of Šolta was well-known to the Roman emperor Diocletia, who has left us, in a submerged area of Piškera cove near Nečujam, the walls of his fisheries.

Šolta issues its visitors an open invitation to explore its solitary coves or virginal Mediterranean forests which lead to its tallest peak, Vela straža (237 meters).

The island’s unspoiled nature holds the symbol of Šolta, a small owl known locally as čuvita, whose voice occasionally breaks the nocturnal silence.

A summer of humorous legends and indigenous flavors

The summer’s most attractive events – the Pulling of Mrduja – is the celebration of a legendary grievance against the neighboring island of Brač over who the tiny islet of Mrduja belongs to. Numerous boats are tied to the islet and the “Pulling” begins, as each set of locals tries to pull it towards Šolta or Brač respectively. The pretend-grudge is then ended with a big party in the gorgeous cove of Stomorska.

Numerous fishermen’s festivals breathe life into the island’s other towns, and Nečujam, the island’s newest restort town, holds numerous concerts during the summer season. Most summer events involve the presentation of autochtonous products and the artworks of Šolta natives. For a growing number of years, visitors have been delighted with the high-quality olive oil and honey made of wild rosemary.


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