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Šetalište Kneza Domagoja 1, Novi Vinodolski, Kvarner, 51250, Croatia

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Villa Mica offers pleasant accommodation in Novi Vinodolski, in apartments that are located along the seashore. Pleasant surroundings are improved by a well kept environment and unspoiled nature, as well as a courtyard all around the house, with an array of Mediterranean flora of cedar and pine trees, fig trees, palm trees, century old mulberry trees, oleander bushes and a cascade of flower beds down the slope. The accommodation is ideal for a family holidays, vacation of a group of friends as well as for an active holidays in Novi Vinodolski. In our offer are two fully equipped apartments with view on the sea. The house has good isolation, and during the hottest days of summer apartments have a comfortable temperature. In front of each apartment is a balcony overlooking the sea. Each apartment has its own separate entrance from outside.Accommodation comprises ID1 (4+1) The apartment has two bedrooms, one of 30m2 with 2+1 beds and the other bedroom of 20m2 have 2 beds, fully equipped kitchen with dining area, bathroom with toilet, bathtub and washing machine.Accommodation comprises ID2 (3 +1) The apartment has two bedrooms, one of 30m2 with 2 beds and the other is 12m2 with 1+1, a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with toilet and shower.At guests disposal are Grill in the beautifully landscaped garden and a large terrace overlooking the sea with sun beds and arbor with table and chairs in the shade. Parking place is provided. Distance form the first beach is 5m, in about 100 m from the apartments is a sandy beach 100mNovi Vinodolski is a small tourist town located on the Adriatic Sea in the picturesque area of Riviera Novi Vinodolski. The Mediterranean climate, beautiful beaches and superb accommodation are ideal combination for a pleasant holiday We wish you a warm welcome and a pleasant stay in apartments Villa Mica, Novi Vinodolski.

Enjoy the crystal clear sea, pleasant Mediterranean climate and the effects of compounding mountain air from the immediate hinterland of Novi Vinodolski. Free yourself of stress and experience numerous unforgettable moments with the beautiful sea and coast, exuberant natural beaches and rock bays. Apartments Villa Mica offers sea, sun and shade for all day enjoyment on the beach, as well as the rest of the noise of the city, a few steps from everything necessary for a carefree holiday.

Thanks to the evergreen vegetation, a pleasant marine climate, clean sea and air, Novi Vinodolski was already in the 18th century became the next to Opatija, one of the leading tourist destinations on the Adriatic. The village is coastal architecture of white facades and red roofs of houses in the old town, rising from the sea to the church and bell tower on top of a hill that keeps this place rock above the sea. After this panorama was recognizable in the past, so it is today, and such should remain.

Known hospitality of the locals, the crystal clear sea, various beaches, the city and surroundings without industrial polluters numerous vineyards, hunting grounds, the impact of mountain air from the high mountain forests, landscaped bike and hiking trails, lookout points and walking trails - all this gives the Riviera New Vinodolski invaluable ecological advantages for a pleasant holiday and vacation in the Adriatic nature. In addition to the view that you have if you climb to the top of the hills, you might be lucky and enjoy the sight of a herd of wild horses.

If you decide to look around the surrounding area, we are advised to visit the glass chapel, which is located in the village of Omar. The whole building is made of steel and glass construction.

In any case, we recommend a walk along the coast to the center of Novi Vinodolski and drink coffee on the seashore. Beautiful view of the sea you will also enjoy the pleasantness and familiarity of the hosts.

In Novi Vinodolski you can enjoy on the stone, sand, concrete and pebble beaches. Bay Lišanj the beach, which has a lot of additional features for both adults and children. In addition to many restaurants offer here as parks and playgrounds for children. Novi Vinodolski is also known for its many historical sites, you must definitely visit the famous castle.

Tourist city of Novi Vinodolski develops and grows along the coast of the Adriatic Sea in the central part of the northern Croatian coast, on the Riviera of Novi Vinodolski from the ancient fortress Frankopan New Castle.

Charisma town is categorized by coastal architecture of white facades and red roofs, which are squeezed into the old town up to the church and tower on the hill, digit line as to provide protection to this stone from the sea. This special panorama of the city has been recognized in the past as well as today, and probably will in the future. The soul of the city represent the remains of cultural heritage: walls of the Roman fortress Lopsica, the remains of the monastery Paulista frakopanski citadel with stronghold, cathedral, chapel of the Holy Trinity and Sv.Marina on the island, house of brothers Mazuranic, reading club and library from 1845, homeland museum and gallery, the old market town and preserved indigenous  Novi Vinodolski is its structure, very typical Dalmatian Mediterranean city. Its old town is built on a small hill us the sea, with church and main square in the center. Short and narrow streets leading to the port, which was previously the only connection with other cities on the Adriatic.

Traditional hospitality, crystal clear sea, town and surroundings without industrial pollution, circulating of mountain air from high forests in the nearby hinterland, suitable for hunting gave Novo Vinodolski unique conditions specifically for tourism development.

At a distance of 205 meters from Novi Vinodolski is a small islet of San Marino. In the past it was used for tuna fishing, but today it is a Gothic church dedicated Sv.Marinu, according to the islet its name. This church was probably built on the site of the largest Croatian church, whose remains were found during the archaeological excavations. Stone panel from the 3rd or 4.stoletja, found on the island, has a record that mentions the Roman Empress Helena.

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Apartment 5 1 5 Sunday, 01 July 2018 Friday, 31 August 2018 120.00€ Per day 7 100
Apartment 5 1 5 Saturday, 01 September 2018 Sunday, 30 September 2018 100.00€ Per day 5 100

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