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Jarška cesta 6, Bled, Gorenjska, 4260, Slovenia

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We are located at Bled, only 5 minutes walk from the center of Bled and Lake Bled, in a very quiet area. We offer two apartments, high class, in a residential house, with all the necessary comforts for an unforgettable vacation. The apartments are suitable for 2 to 6 people. At your disposal are also a large garden, fruit garden, barbecue and parking. The apartments have all the necessary equipment and inventory. Bed linen and towels are included in the apartment.

Apartment A2 *** has 50m ², located in the house, has communal entrance, cable TV, kitchen, balcony with beautiful views, a bathroom (toilet and shower), living room and bedroom for two people.

Apartment A4 **** has 84m ², separate entrance, hallway, living room with TV, Internet access, DVD player, radio, two separate bedrooms, dining room, bathroom (toilet and shower), kitchen with all necessary appliances and dishwasher and safe .

Bled is the pearl of Slovenia. There is no doubt that you will be impressed by its beauty. Bled is an oasis of dreams and peace, away from the problems and stress. If you want an active rest, Bled offers you possibilities for biking, horseback riding, hiking, rafting, swimming in lakes and swimming pools, fishing, tennis and golf ,....

The magical Lake Bled exercises miraculously made for millennia a special appeal to the people. Therefore, first of all enjoy the charm of Bled, the sun, the lake and the gastronomy of the place. Visit the small island in the middle of the lake, explore the secrets of the Triglav National Park or enjoy one of the many spa once pampered. Who does not feel like again being lazy can be animated by the mountain air and becomes active: Fly rowing or windsurfing on the lake, fishing, paddling in a kayak or canoe, horseback riding through open terrain, mountain biking, paragliding, flying in the balloon or golfing ... you look it from. Even in winter will not be bored: Go around the frozen Bled walk lake, the stadium skating, enjoy your new hobby "curling", cross-country skiing on the many trails around Bled or take the car a few miles to the different ski areas nearby.

Bled, Bohinj: Nearby are the mountains (Galetove, Babji zob), which offers you a charming view of the surroundings and also serve as a starting point for hiking and trips to the Triglav National Park (500-2800 m above sea level), all with marked routes. You have the possibility of walking alone or with a guide. Mountain guides lead you to 300 m deep karst cave with numerous stalactites, or on the cliff called Babji zob.

The lake was created with the withdrawal of the Bohinj glacier. It is long 2120m , and 1380 m wide, maximum depth is 30.6 m, according to the Tectonic origin. Major natural lake has no tributaries, fed by a few springs. The thermal springs in the northeast part are made in three swimming pools - Grand Hotel Toplice, Hotel Park and Golf. Points in the picturesque island of the western part of the lake.

One of the first things you seen in Lake Bled is certainly Bled Island. The island is pretty well covered with vegetation, which almost obscure the island buildings, this is the bell tower, church, chaplains.... About the island there are many legends, one used in his master work even our greatest poet France Preseren.

Bled Castle - from written sources is the oldest Slovenian castle, first mentioned in 1011 as a castellum Veldes. On the mighty steep cliff that rises 130 m above the glacial Lake Bled, stands a symbol of Bled and Slovenia - Bled Castle. The image of the castle above the lake with romantic island and Bled’s church is one feature, which has become visible through the centuries at home and abroad. The terrace of the castle is an extraordinary view of the lake to the island, around the country with Lesce and Radovljica the hands and by the mountainous world Karavanke and the Julian Alps.

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Apartment 2 - A2 A2

Max people: 2
Floor: 1
Apartment 4 - A4 A4

Max people: 4
Floor: 1
Tariff name Resource/property type Min people Max people Valid from Valid til   Minimum days Maximum days
Apartment 4 1 4 Sunday, 24 December 2017 Friday, 24 December 2021 23.00€ Per person per day 3 100
Apartment 2 1 2 Sunday, 24 December 2017 Friday, 24 December 2021 24.00€ Per person per day 3 100


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