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Istraska 14, Uvala Zambratija, Savudrija, Istra, 52475, Croatia

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Fonović Apartments are located in family house 50 meters from the sea and beautiful beaches in the bay Zambradija, Istrian tourist town of Savudrija. The house is surrounded by beautifully landscaped garden full of greenery and flowers, with a summer kitchen.


 The beautiful natural sandy beach is located 100 meters from the house. The beach has a gradual entrance slowly plunging into the sea, the sea is shallow and suitable for bathing small children.


The apartments have their own entrance, havem kitchen, one bedroom, bathroom with shower, hallway and spacious terrace. The apartments have air conditioning, heating, satellite TV, internet access, a terrace overlooking the sea, hair dryer, towels, linens, dishes and utensils, fully equipped kitchen, microwave oven ...



Each apartment has one parking space. Guests have access to an outdoor grill, lawn and a summer kitchen.


 Savudrija is a small fishing town, which is located on a small peninsula and is a favorite romantic oasis for lovers of beauty, history and the deep blue sea. Clean surroundings, crystal clear sea, rich gastronomic offer and services are just some of the attractive vacation in Savudrija.


 Fonović family wishes you a warm welcome and pleasant stay.



The apartments are ideal for family holidays, romantic holidays as well as for lovers of water sports, especially diving long and beautiful walks.


 The house is situated in an excellent location, in addition to the proximity to the beautiful beaches, in a circle of 30 to 50 meters from the apartments grocery store, a restaurant and a long sandy beach.


 Zambradija is a village, which is located in the circular bay by both sides embrace greenery. On the south side to Umag, you will see the remains pretty impressive villa dating from Roman times, sleeping under a lush Mediterranean vegetation. Zamdradija a bay with fine sand and very low water, suitable for children.


 Zambradija is a small fishing village on the western side of the peninsula of Istria, between Umag and Savudrija. In Zambradiji are beautiful sand and pebble beaches with crystal clear waters, you will love it, and you will always want to return.


 Guests have fun with various sports, they can sail here, enjoy water skiing, diving, sailing, playing tennis, soccer, basketball, beach volleyball and many other activities.



In Zambradija you can enjoy the many Istrian specialties, fish, prosciutto, cheese, truffles and wine go on an excursion to the neighboring town of Umag, Porec, Pula or to the Kvarner islands of Cres, Krk, Lošinj, and Rab, and on the National Park Brijuni .



The beautiful sandy beach is certainly one of the most beautiful in Umag. The sea is shallow and ideal for parents who like to play in the shallows with their toddlers. Along the beach are bars where you can refresh after sunbathing or a game of beach volleyball. After fun on the beach, we suggest you visit one of the local restaurants where you will be served domestic specialties from fresh fish caught by local fishermen.


 In underwater of Zambradije for today's fishing coves on the seabed is a prehistoric settlement from the period of the late Neolithic to the Copper Age wounds. In addition to this prehistoric finds are at the heart of the Gulf Zambradije at a depth of 2.2 meters also discovered the remains of a ship's construction. A ship in the bay Zambradija after radiocarbon analysis determining the age of a framework dating back to the period of the first millennium BC, which bears the title of the oldest ship of its kind in the Adriatic.


 According to legend, Savudrija (Salvone) named after the son of the German emperor Otto Brabarose who sought shelter here during a battle re Salvo, saved the king. Savudrija is the westernmost point of Istria and all of Croatia. Green paradise, from three sides surrounded by the blue Adriatic Sea. Istria and especially Savodrija is known from the times of the Austro-Hungarian milemu thanks to its climate and healing pine trees as a health resort and a place to rest. Here is the oldest functioning lighthouse in the Adriatic Sea. Romance ego of the city complement the wooden piers, beams fishing boats, which together with the lighthouse became a symbol of this beautiful place. Ecological Attraction Savudrija in one hand and a developed infrastructure from the other side make this place ideal for family holidays.


 In ancient times it was Savudrija witnessed many sea battles, dangerous pirates and luxurious ships plemenitašev Today it rests peacefully surrounded by pine forests and vineyards, zazibana in the rhythm of the waves and the song of seagulls. Her trademark is the old lighthouse, built in the name of love between the Austrian nobles and local girl, and that today invites many lovers, with evidence that the great love live forever.


 Savudrija is, as already mentioned, is also known for its drift boats, specific ways of feeding boats, preserved from ancient times, which is threaded rise from the sea and remain suspended in the air to meet again with the blue of the sea.



Savudrija and its surroundings boasts many historical monuments from the prehistoric, Roman, medieval and until the late Austrian villas.


 This rich red soil rich foods vineyards whose wines are famous far and sea generously donate their fruit, which you can taste in all Savudrija restaurants, pubs, as well as on the tables of the locals. The place is ideal for many sports, from cycling, running, in-kind, to sailing on the water, whereas the coast of Savudrija Peninsula frequently visited by suitable winds.


 Due to its very pleasant climate, natural beauty, cultural attractions and the warm, hospitable people, Savudrija in fact represents a real door to beauty of Istria.


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