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Put Mora 20 Mirca, Supetar, Dalmacija Split, 21400, Croatia

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Apartments in a nice quiet little real fishery Dalmatian village 40 meters from the beautiful sandy beach in the bay with a natural shade, wi-fi, satellite TV, washing machine, air conditioning, barbecue, parking in the shade of the house, covered terrace, great prices, rides boat, boat moorage, ground floor, fishing with the locals, garden fresh vegetables, bungalow ... it is possible that you may wish to leave more? Here are apartments where you can spend your dream vacation. Of course, if you like blue crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, Dalmatian peace and tranquility, hidden bays, caressing sun and the murmur of the waves, which sometimes break only cries of seagulls.

 Apartments Jerko are located in a small and quiet place Mirca on the north side of the island of Brac, only 40 meters from the beach.

 To make your stay as pleasant as possible, we have all the apartments equipped with all the equipment, water heater, stove, fridge, kettle, toaster, washing machine, air-conditioning, plasma TV with satellite reception, wireless internet, and much other equipment that will help make your holiday truly unforgettable. The apartments have a guaranteed covered parking space at the house, at your disposal is a large garden grill, we also have a house with a garden with fresh vegetables.

 We also offer sailing with our boat, to the nearby beaches, sightseeing coast, if you wish, you can with us also go fishing.

 Apartment A is located on the ground floor and is suitable for 5 people.

 Apartment B is located on the first floor and is suitable for 5 people.

 Apartment C is located on the ground floor and is suitable for 3 persons.

 Apartment D is a bungalow in the garden of the house and is suitable for 5 people.

 All apartments have one bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom with shower and a covered terrace.

 Pets are welcome.

 Apartments Jerko are located in a quiet bay Mirca, just few meters from the most beautiful beaches in Supetar on the island. Location and while comfort and convenience makes them one of the best family apartments in the middle-Dalmatian islands.

  Name Mirca could also came from the word peace, because there's something in this bay also certain: over the azure blue waters of the coastal mountains rising land reigns pure blueness, and at night you here only hear the murmur of the waves and see the twinkling bright lights in Split. Mirca works for the tracing of modern trends simultaneously historical and modern. The picturesque church at midday served gather in the shadow of both locals and tourists, and in the evening hang out in taverns and restaurants. Mirca has about 350 inhabitants, and when you look at the beautiful facades of holiday houses, you could be cheated here that the locals live an elite life. In reality, these people who live among these modern wage and historic old buildings, the parish church from 1773, are with their feet on solid ground. They cultivate their gardens with vegetables, cultivated vineyards, olive groves, go to fish and enjoy the quiet life and a pleasant climate.

 Mirca has two supermarkets and a restaurant on the beach.

 All apartments Jerko are facing the sea, Brac canal and Split in the distance, and as soon as you open the door to the balcony, you will hear the sound of the waves and feel the magical scent of the sea. Our long-standing tradition in tourism and the quality of the offer is a guarantee for your pleasant and carefree holiday in our apartments.

 Mirca will attract you with its pristine and simple beauty, here, time stopped a few decades ago. And, we do not offer, because you will have available all the achievements of art, maybe even better than at home, time has stood still in the hearts of people in the life of the natives of this small Dalmatian town. This beautiful village is living in a traditional atmosphere of island life that will be preserved and the beautiful nature offered peace, rest and relax your body and soul. Urban development does not ruin the beauty of blue sea, green Mediterranean plants and a beautiful sandy beach where you will also be the greatest season without any problems, find a place for yourself, or the sun or in the shade of the trees along the beach. The sea is slowly descending, the floor is made of small pebbles, and is therefore a true small paradise for children and the elderly. Noise and crowds here is, this is an oasis of peace, Supetar and Sutivan, larger towns with more tourist facilities, are very close. Mirca is clean sea, long promenade along the coast, shade trees along the beaches, the beach in the town, secluded beaches without the crowds, peace and silence in the place, long cycling routes and walking tracks, and the chance to meet Dalmatia, as it was once.

  In Mirca you will fall into the Dalmatian way of life. Dalmatians live without stress, rush, hour, live a quality life, which may in the Western world only dream of. Any real Dalmatians are born with a unique temperament, which is the blood of life and is reflected in his love of the beautiful landscape, full of stone, cliffs, olive oil, figs, wine, songs and the Adriatic Sea. The

 "Fjaka" is a way of life in Dalmatia, and this is something that can not learn, easy to find yourself in it when you come in Dalmatia, in real Dalmatian town, as Mirca. Some locals say that this is a state of mind where nothing you do not want and nothing you do not. Very wrong, if you would call it laziness, because, unlike laziness is fjaka sophisticated state of mind and body, to any kind of weight of the whole of mankind. Elsewhere they call it yoga in India, this is achieved by prolonged fasting and meditation, a Dalmatian is a tribute to God.

 Popular Western brunch, a meal instead of breakfast and lunch, in Dalmatia, called "Marenda." It is between 8 and 12 a half hour, but it can also in the late afternoon. After Marenda locals have the need for a half-hour nap, which is called "kill an eye".

 »Pomalo" , a little, is the way in Dalmatia to welcome. Slightly raise their hands and passionately say "by little." Dalmatians live slowly and have a different concept of time. It is time for them formality, and if you make an appointment, miss 20 minutes. Do not wear watches, walk slowly, enjoy the Mediterranean landscapes and - pomalo.

 In Mirca dominates the church from 1579, with its bell tower offers a beautiful view of the town of Trogir, Split and its surroundings. Sea offers a variety of opportunities for sports related to the sea.

 Educational trail path olives is very popular with tourists and discovers tradition of olives and wine from this small town.

 So, if you want to feel the real charm of Dalmatia, you must come to Mirca.

We are waiting for you. Welcome!


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Apartment 3+2 - A 2+3 A 2+3
A 2+3

Max people: 5
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Apartment 3+2 - B 2+3 B 2+3
B 2+3

Max people: 5
Floor: 1
Apartment 2+1 - C 2+1 C 2+1
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Apartment 3+2 - D 2+3 BUNGALOW D 2+3
D 2+3

Max people: 5
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Apartment 2+1 1 3 Monday, 04 March 2019 Sunday, 30 June 2019 45.00€ Per day 3 100
Apartment 2+1 1 3 Monday, 01 July 2019 Saturday, 31 August 2019 60.00€ Per day 3 100
Apartment 2+1 1 3 Sunday, 01 September 2019 Tuesday, 31 December 2019 45.00€ Per day 3 100
Apartment 3+2 1 5 Monday, 04 March 2019 Sunday, 30 June 2019 60.00€ Per day 3 100
Apartment 3+2 1 5 Monday, 01 July 2019 Saturday, 31 August 2019 80.00€ Per day 3 100
Apartment 3+2 1 5 Sunday, 01 September 2019 Tuesday, 31 December 2019 60.00€ Per day 3 100
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