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In the pristine valley of Peter Klepec, which lies at the confluence of the Kolpa and Čabranka, you will find accommodations Janeš, away from the road, but still near the sports recreation center and restaurant.

We offer you total 9 beds in one 4-bed apartments, with shower, terrace, outdoor fireplace, one 3-bedded room, shower and toilet, balcony and one 2-bedded room with shower and toilet. It is also possible to rent the entire facility.

Our house is in one of the most beautiful areas of Slovenia, and we invite you all to visit us. Maybe you´ll be impressed by nature, a beautiful canyon Kolpa with thick forests, filled with wildlife, the clean atmosphere in which there is no industry, here is little traffic, and you´ll decide to stay in the green oasis of peace by Kolpa longer . The story of Peter Klepec know everyone in Slovenia, specially children. Strong and fearless boy but loving and honest. This is the land of Peter Klepec .

Osilnica is the largest and central settlement along the upper reaches of the river Kolpa. The picturesque valley is dotted with cultural attractions, an attractive natural environment and clean river Kolpa. Fans ob beautiful wievs will be by views over Loka wall, which should be a protected area for birds. The most beautiful view over the valley is from the village Sp. Cacic and Sv. Anna.

The water is those which gives this corner of Slovenia along the southern border a unique look. Kolpa has different and really not usually cut of a channel across the valley of Dinaric-mountain system. It is a border river between Slovenia and Croatia. It originate in Croatia and, after 292 km , it estuaryed in the river Sava. In its course it cuts the high plateau, flowing into a number of karst springs. Kolpa is exceptional, yet relatively untouched river. It offers excellent opportunities for recreation and swimming, boating and fishing. Provincial attractions and facilities for a pleasant holiday and a healthy and refreshing entertainment it the main what makes many to choose this destination.

Osilniška Valley lies along the upper stream of the river Kolpa, with its confluence with Čabranka. Valley is surrounded by hills and mountains, which rise well over 1000 meters. Kolpa is above the middle of the karst landscape of plateaus. Natural vegetation is varied and colorful. On the mountain slopes grow many alpine plants, which are protected. The forest is home to many animals and birds, in the rivers and streams live many species of fish. Mountains and rivers provide ample opportunities for recreation: hiking, boating, rafting, fishing, hunting, etc. ..

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The valley of the Kolpa, which form is a picturesque background of Loka and other walls, with his calm, sunny weather and fresh beautiful, romantic, friendly, idyllic, charming and cute natural presence indelibly imprint in the memory of visitors ... Mirtoviški stream originates at an idyllic spot in the middle of hilly forest, source of the surrounding rocks, covered with moss. The valley Mirtoviški stream is full of picturesque rapids all the way to the source, where is the mighty gorge with the cave. In the tributary, the Blue pohu, live crabs.

The Mirtoviški stream gorge is one of the few surviving areas of natural heritage, not only of the typical karst landscape, also many rare plants and natural heritage of extraordinary landforms, hydrological and biotope characteristics and values. Brook in the middle stream is full of islands, meanders, dunes and gravel beds, pools, the only major left tributary of the stream channel is cut into carst surface, where the water has created unique landforms, a veritable trough, overflow gutters, caves and facet , pools, waterfalls. The exceptional nature conservation importance gives a stream karst spring.

Many caves are characteristic for karst. There are a lot of karst caves in the territory of the municipality Osilnica. Some have already been discovered and researched, others still await discovery. This is the area between Dragarje, Cerko and Rigel, here are six karst structures. Cave by Taborski wall is also known from the NOB. Four caves are in the village of Belica.

Kolpa offers the eyes its charm throughout the year. In warmer months, from April to October, it offers also recreational and memorable experiences. If you are on the river with company, you will naturally choose the raft or canoe. Kayak offers a greater pleasure, but requires a bit more rowing skills. Therefore, the solitary pleasure of a slip, just above the surface of the water, is great. Anyone who trusts in the tight embrace of the river, whoever wants to fully experience the river, will learn about hydrospeed (hydrospeed). In a separate neoprene suit and flippers you literally travel though Kolpa, which is poured in two hours and in eight miles you learn its secrets. To ensure flow of adrenaline fun torrential streams descend by natural water slides and jumping into pools. Canyoning, fot the bravest! Special offer: night rafting. In the valley of Osilnica is the Kolpa relatively fast-paced, sometimes torrential, so the temperature in summer don´t reaches more than 20 ° Celsius. Nevertheless, by the river is every summer a lot of peole. It is beach in the village Bosljiva Loka, on a small island in the middle of Kolpa and here is picnic area too. Kolpa River is one of the most pristine rivers in Slovenia. In its waters is often seen brown trout (Salmo trutta), grayling (Thymallus thymallus), trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and chub (leuciscus cephalus cephalus). In Kolpa, fishing is permitted from 1 April to 1 September, with a fly rod with one fly. During this time it is aloved to hunt in the river Čabranka with water float and a float fly. The streams are also home to crustaceans: Koščak (anstropotamobius pallipes) jelševec or crayfish (Astacus Astacus). The presence of crabs in these waters indicate that they are still very clean. Land of Peter Klepec lies on the rugged area along the river Kolpa, surrounded by mountains.

Hiking height difference between the lowest and highest point is over 800 meters, it´s giving hikers or climbers ample opportunities to relax in unspoiled nature. The most interesting peaks are: Tabor wall (1059 m), Dragarski peak (971 m), Šajbnik (861 m), Mož (1125 m), Firstov tail (1002 m), Loka wall (875 m), Raven (1122 m) Krempa (942 m) and Boric (915 m). Expeditions to the most remote peaks lasting more than seven hours in both directions, and on marked hiking trails can hike anyone who has a bit of sportsmanship in itself.

In Osilnica and its surrounding has many natural and cultural attractions that are located more than ten kilometers, so it is best to reach them by bicycle. To the highest altitude village Cacic, with a splendid view across the Osilnica valley, the macadam road leads to it, is about an hour. To the Mirtoviški stream or the beach Bosljivi Bows you´ll come in half an hour. For more demanding mountain bikers in the vicinity are many of forest trails. According to them, you can hide a guide who knows the area. Bicycles can be hired. With mountain biking, you can set on trips to nearby places. Those who want more adventure, can ride the forest trails. The mountain bikes can go on shorter routes, but also on the half-day or full-day excursions.

Adventure park has more than six polygons, which require much effort. Attending by both adults and children .Park consists of a vast land and a wide variety of complex categories.

Osilnica territory is largely covered with forests, in which we find different kind of wild animals, including deer, chamois, lynx and bear. The hunting ground of hunting family Osilnica has 3631 hectares. It is a medium mountain, mainly mountainous and steep. In hunting area there are two bivouacs and 38 senior guards.

In Osilniška valley from the ancient times maintained seven churches, each with a unique characteristic. The oldest church, not only in the valley, but also in Kočevska, is the church St. Egidij in Ribjek. The main altar bears the year 1681.

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