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Sela 7a, Osilnica, Dolenjska, 1337, Slovenia

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In the pristine valley of Peter Klepec, which lies at the confluence of the Kolpa and Čabranka, you will find accommodations Janeš, away from the road, but still near the sports recreation center and restaurant.

We offer you total 9 beds in one 4-bed apartments, with shower, terrace, outdoor fireplace, one 3-bedded room, shower and toilet, balcony and one 2-bedded room with shower and toilet. It is also possible to rent the entire facility.

Our house is in one of the most beautiful areas of Slovenia, and we invite you all to visit us. Maybe you´ll be impressed by nature, a beautiful canyon Kolpa with thick forests, filled with wildlife, the clean atmosphere in which there is no industry, here is little traffic, and you´ll decide to stay in the green oasis of peace by Kolpa longer . The story of Peter Klepec know everyone in Slovenia, specially children. Strong and fearless boy but loving and honest. This is the land of Peter Klepec .

Osilnica is the largest and central settlement along the upper reaches of the river Kolpa. The picturesque valley is dotted with cultural attractions, an attractive natural environment and clean river Kolpa. Fans ob beautiful wievs will be by views over Loka wall, which should be a protected area for birds. The most beautiful view over the valley is from the village Sp. Cacic and Sv. Anna.

The water is those which gives this corner of Slovenia along the southern border a unique look. Kolpa has different and really not usually cut of a channel across the valley of Dinaric-mountain system. It is a border river between Slovenia and Croatia. It originate in Croatia and, after 292 km , it estuaryed in the river Sava. In its course it cuts the high plateau, flowing into a number of karst springs. Kolpa is exceptional, yet relatively untouched river. It offers excellent opportunities for recreation and swimming, boating and fishing. Provincial attractions and facilities for a pleasant holiday and a healthy and refreshing entertainment it the main what makes many to choose this destination.

Osilniška Valley lies along the upper stream of the river Kolpa, with its confluence with Čabranka. Valley is surrounded by hills and mountains, which rise well over 1000 meters. Kolpa is above the middle of the karst landscape of plateaus. Natural vegetation is varied and colorful. On the mountain slopes grow many alpine plants, which are protected. The forest is home to many animals and birds, in the rivers and streams live many species of fish. Mountains and rivers provide ample opportunities for recreation: hiking, boating, rafting, fishing, hunting, etc. ..

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Apartment 2+2 - 01

Max people: 4
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Max people: 3
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Tariff Room 2/1 1 3 Tuesday, 01 December 2015 Monday, 01 December 2025 12.00€ Per person per day 1 1000
Tariff Room 3/1 1 3 Tuesday, 01 December 2015 Monday, 01 December 2025 12.00€ Per person per day 1 1000
Tariff Apartment 2+2 1 4 Tuesday, 01 December 2015 Monday, 01 December 2025 14.00€ Per person per day 1 1000


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