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Apartment Rooms Ane Dubrovnik starstarstar

Uz Giman 15, Dubrovnik, Dalmacija Dubrovnik, 20000 Lapad, Croatia

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Apartment "Ana" (4 +2) is located in the most beautiful part of Dubrovnik, in Lapad. From the terrace provides a wonderful view to the sea. Apartment (60m2) has a separate entrance and consists of two comfortable bedrooms, living room with TV and extra beds, equipped kitchen, a bathroom with washing machine and separate toilet. All rooms are air conditioned. In front of the apartments at guests´ disposal, there is a terrace with tables and lounges, and patio with outside grill.

We have also 2 rooms, you can rent then too. For prices please call or send mail, thank you. Info:+385 20 356049, +385 98 9765003 -Ane, +385 98 860478 - Marina, +385 98 674755 Đuro.

Dubrovnik is situated in southern Dalmatia, the most beautiful part of the Adriatic, for each visitor it means an unforgettable destination for its rich vegetation, beautiful lakes, unique islands, white pebble beaches and crystal clear sea. It was in the first half of the 7th Century, refugees from Epidaurum (today´s Cavtat) settled on the island, which they called Laus. By contrast Slavs founded their own settlement, Dubrovnik (whose name derives from the Slavic word for oak, "dub"). Inlet, which has separated the village bank in the 12th century, from which was formed today´s Stradun, the pay, and two of the villages united and began to build the city walls for protection from different enemies, where there was a lot of the them: Arabs, Venetian, Macedonians, Serbs, etc.

When guests stay in Dubrovnik certainly they experiended a harmony between man and nature, which is part of everyday life in these areas, and Dubrovnik is full of "pearls" that every man in his life should see: the picturesque villages, untouched islands and, of course, old town of Dubrovnik, the pearl, which leads to all the other attractions of this area.

Dubrovnik is a city of unique political and cultural history, world-famous cultural heritage and beauty and certainly one of the most (if not the most) beautiful and most attractive cities of the Mediterranean.

Dubrovnik has a lot of cultural events, we´ll mensue only the Dubrovnik Summer Festival (held from July 10 - August 25 each year since 1950, and theater, classical and folk music festival, which was the 1956th year included in the calendar of world festivals as one of the most cultural events in the world. They take place on open stages in the city (Gundulićeva Square, Držićeva fields, Lovrijenac, Revelin) or in the beautiful surroundings of Dubrovnik´s most famous buildings (Duke´s Palace, cloisters). During his stay in Dubrovnik in 1929th the famous writer George Bernard Shaw said: "Those who seek paradise on Earth should come and see Dubrovnik." These words are for ever, they are true even today.

Climate - Dubrovnik is situated in the Mediterranean climate characterized by mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. The average annual temperature is 17 C (62 F), while the coldest month is January (9 C, 48 F), while August is the warmest (25 C, 77 F). The average temperature in the period from May to September is 18-24 C (64-75 F), while the salinity is approximately 38%. Dubrovnik has 2629 hours of sunshine annually and average annual rainfall of 1020.8.

Dubrovnik and the surrounding villages are extremely proud of its rich cuisine. Many restaurants prepare food in a traditional manner, according to old recipes. Do not miss the local specialties such as fish stew of eels or frog legs in Neretva River valley, mussels and oysters in Ston, macaroni on the spindle or cukarini in Korcula, dried seafood delicacies of the Islands, rozata kontonjata in Dubrovnik and pizzoto with green manestra in Cavtat. All these delicious dishes must accompany a good drop to a culinary delight to be complete.

The mild Mediterranean climate and fertile land throughout the region produce many excellent wines, such as Dingač, Procedure, Greeks, Pošip, Rukatac, Malvasia and Plavac. Be sure to taste the local wines on the road if you run ads on local producers - just come up to them and enjoy the traditional ambience with a glass of wine.

In Dubrovnik, the churches, monasteries and hotels scattered around the city, by the sea the city has garnished several marinas, marina and promenade. Because of a magnificent view on the mediaeval Dubrovnik is indispensable walk along the walls.

Sports and recreation are available to visitors: courts, and equipment for all activities on land and water, from tennis and table tennis to sailing. It also operates more gyms and fitness centers with swimming pools, saunas, massage, aerobics, solarium...

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