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Apartment Pavo Njiric Dubrovnik starstarstar

Josipa Pupačića 15, Dubrovnik, Dalmacija Dubrovnik, 20000, Croatia

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In Lapad, s a residential suburb of Dubrovnik that lies about 3km northwest of the Old Town, we offer you an appartment for 4+1 people. Appartment is sunny, wide, has tv, air condition, washer. Parking is avaible and free. The interior of Lapad is mostly green and calm with plenty of attractive sea views and some excellent restaurants. Most Dubrovnik beaches are in Lapad so no matter where you stay, you´ll be within walking distance of the sea. In fact you can walk everywhere in Lapad. Since it´s relatively compact you can stroll from the beach to a restaurant to your hotel to a cafe-bar without breaking a sweat.

Several wonderful beaches are located in part of Dubrovnik called Lapad. Lapad is a peninsula holding the most beautiful, outer walls, part of Dubrovnik, with a heavenly bay, Sumratin bay (Uvala Lapad) in which all these beaches are located. Lapad bay has a long boulevard with many coffee bars where one can refresh himself in hot summer days. At the end of this boulevard, beaches are located. First beach is called Uvala Lapad or Uvala (meaning Bay). It is a sandy beach offering many things. If you just like to sit and enjoy the view there are a beach restaurant and coffee bars. For those who want to lie down and enjoy in the sun, easy chairs can be rented, and if it becomes to hot, beach umbrellas are for rent too. Getting back and forth to the Old Town can take a little more effort. It´s a long walk but fortunately buses are frequent to the Old Town and the harbour. Parts of Lapad are pedestrian only but most Lapad accomodation have ample parking facilities.

Dubrovnik is about 1300 years old, unusual for the Adriatic coast is that the Romans settled in 3.stoletju BC. Shortly after it was occupied by the Venetians and took control until the 14th century, the range of rights, not to trade with all countries in the Mediterranean. In 1667 it underwent a major earthquake, at a time when they opened up trade routes to the east, which meant a slight drop again. In 1806, Napoleon took the reins, so that the Dubroviška Republic vsekozi in all possible ways of fighting for the freedom and independence throughout history, in the meantime also very successful. But even in modern history has not escaped him, Dubrovnik has been the target of the 1991 bombing of the Yugoslav army, Serbs and Montenegrins, survived the horrific story of bloodshed and destruction of cultural monuments. Today this is seen only in certain facades, traces bombandirtaja, everything else, the locals have already corrected, marble pavements waves in the bright sunlight, the crowd of tourists and diversify across the central boulevard Stadun salary. They say that if you want the most authentic Dubrovik eat, you can not visit him in July and August, since then, most visitors here. Many buildings here are very impressive, most of them in the 14th And 15 century. From their facades looking statues, the overall impact is quite Italian.

The highlight of any visit to Dubrovnik city walls, city walls, this is what we see in Dubrovnik , which attracts every tourist. It was built more than 1000 years ago at the end of the Middle Ages and the debt is more than 2 km, but high between 5 and 25 meters, depending on which side you look. Has 16 towers, two defensive fortress in the corners and a large fort Minčeto from which the best view of the sea and the island Locrum. Obhodite can be in about an hour. On tour, you will also willingly or unwillingly feel local life, aphorisms, little things, which are usually the most attractive: the greenery, potted plants, lace curtains, sculptures, traces of shooting, windows with shutters, small statues, chapels, churches ... Dubrovnik is the live city museum.

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Apartment 4+1 1 5 Sunday, 01 July 2018 Friday, 31 August 2018 85.00€ Per day 1 365
Apartment 4+1 1 5 Saturday, 01 September 2018 Sunday, 30 September 2018 75.00€ Per day 1 365
Apartment 4+1 1 5 Monday, 01 October 2018 Wednesday, 31 October 2018 65.00€ Per day 1 365


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