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Put spomenika 8, Tribunj, Dalmacija Šibenik, 22212, Croatia

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The apartment is in a family house and has its own entrance and parking. It has a large terrace which is partially shaded by a beautiful view of the sea and marina. It is suitable for 4 persons with a double bed and 2 beds . From the beautiful sandy beach is 50 meters away , also from the city center . To the first shop is 100 meters. The apartment has a beautiful view of the sea. If you have pets , you can bring with you on vacation .

The apartment is fully furnished and has a Wi-Fi , a TV and air conditioning . The bathroom has a shower and toilet . The kitchen is at your disposal crockery, cutlery , oven, microwave, refrigerator and coffee maker. By convention, you can use the washing machine . Above the house is a trail through the pine forest to the top of the hill where the old church and a beautiful panoramic view .

Nearby are three beaches , one at 50 meters , Zamalin beach is 10 minutes walk and the third towards Vodice and 20 Minit walking distance. From Tribunj you can go on a trip to the national parks Kornati and Krka , as well as town of Sibenik , Zadar, Primosten , Trogir and Split .

If you love the nightlife , we recommend famous discotheque in Vodice , decor Hacienda , located a few kilometers. More romantic but also a real pleasure to be found in the finished walk along the coast or in the beautiful summer evenings in the Tribunj A cappella concerts . Known events are the Fishermen´s Night at the end of July and Racing asses in early August . Smoking is not permitted in the apartments , pets are welcome , provided that the guests take care of their cleanliness.

You must leave the apartment until 10 am , arrival is after 14 pm .

At the Adriatic highway towards Pirovac , 15 km from Sibenik, directly by the sea a little fishing village Tribunj .In the history was first mentioned in 1463 under the name Tribahunj . Tribunj is a little fishing village , lies about 5 km from Vodice more famous and more than ten miles from Krešimir City of Sibenik . Unlike the more famous neighbor , which today is known for its massive tourism is Trbinj retained the charm of a small typical Dalmatian town . Today, Tribunj picturesque and charming town .

Its narrow streets on the island , which is connected to the mainland just one small stone bridge , reminiscent of Primosten , which is the general public , however, more famous and attract many more tourists . And it is precisely this concealment and peace, even in high season is one of the greatest qualities of this city. There are , of course, Tribunj beaches attract swimmers of the season too overcrowded beaches of Vodice. And subsequent quality of the gastronomic offer in the form of numerous traditional taverns and good restaurants , but not forgetting the two Velka events : Fishing festivities and Teka asses, which in Tribunj of each year attract thousands of visitors .

Former Tribunj , which was located on the island was during the reign of Venice, surrounded by defensive walls , which are insignificant remnants are visible today . About its history witnessed the church of St. Nicholas , built in 1452 , Jurjevgrad fortress , built in 1650 on a hill Sveti Nikole as a protection against the Turks, and the Church of the Virgin Mary , on the way towards Vodice of the 1435th The beauty of the Adriatic coast is also a small town Tribunj , which is in the Sibenik Knin County . The older part of Tribunj is located on a small island , which is connected to the mainland by a stone bridge, while the newer part extends along the continental part of the interior .

The whole city is a blend of traditional architecture with the stone houses and narrow streets , the architecture as in other coastal cities. View from Tribunj to capture the beauty of the sea islands of the Tribunj arhipelago, Lukovnjak and Logorun . The formation of the town dates back far into the past , the diocese outline Sibenik in 1298 until the end of the 17th century was called Jurjev Castle because it is the year 650 there was a fortress of the same name . Today, over the city church of St. Nicholas , which can be seen very far . In Šibenik writings Tribunj mentioned in the 1463rd Due to the tranquility and beauty of the city in the 18th century it was a gathering elite, as it is written in the parish chronicle . After church organization Tribunj belongs Šibenik diocese . The parish is dedicated to the great lady .

Tribunj is , poetically speaking, a small town of a big culinary delight . In the town and its surroundings is a lot of great places to try local cuisine. Trbinj today has about 1400 inhabitants. Long time, it is spread over the stone bridge on the surrounding land . In addition to the traditional activities related to the sea and the earth , the inhabitants of today also deal with tourism. Tribunj inhabitants are excellent producers of olive oil are well-known around . As well as fishermen every day serving restaurants and households in Tribunj fresh fish , shellfish and crustaceans . The city has for centuries maintained their building contractors succession .

A typical Dalmatian atmosphere , solid stone houses and narrow streets , moreover , that is interesting for tourists , interesting artists , who here find peace and inspiration. Guests have access to 1,200 beds in private rooms , apartments and caravan parks . The new , modern marina will find their safe berth around 270 yachts and sailboats . East and west of the village is decorated several beaches at constant controls is probably the cleanest on the Adriatic. The rich gastronomic offer should highlight the traditional donkey race , thus preserving indigenous animal. If we add to this the proximity Murter and a guide , it is clear that the city Tribunj complete vacation and satisfaction .

The most famous city beach called Zamalin . Located west of the city center and extends along the Gulf of Sovlje . The foundation is made of stone slabs , surrounded by pine forest , next to it is slightly catering facilities. Zamalin is known for its constant breeze that gently blows and stirs the sea .

In the eastern part of Tribunj of Marine v guides, the beach Bristak . Among the locals is known as the beach at Movieju , due to the homonymous hotel , which is located on its western edge . On it are tiny pebbles , the sea is quite shallow, because it is ideal for families with children . If you continue to walk towards the east , you come to Vodice known Plava beach.

Many of the most popular beach in the bay Sovlje , a 15-minute walk west from the center of Tribunj . It is interesting that no one knows exactly how this beach called to hear the various versions : Sovlje , Sovlja and the Soviets , everyone believes in it´s own right . Last year, the most invoked the name of Sovlje . This beach is famous for its clean, crystal blue sea , causing many of Vodiic and Tribunj decide to swim here , with the result that in high season quite crowded . The beach is concrete with two floors, warm shower and goals for water polo that each day the local boys . Sovlje is also known for some excellent restaurants.


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