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Ribarska 15, Stobreč, Dalmacija Split, 21, Croatia

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In Storbeč we offer you apartment, 20 meters from beach, with beautiful view, for 2 to 5 persons. Storbeč has the largest number of sunny days in Dalmatia, crystal clear sea and it offers peace and quietness. Apartment is equiped with air-condition, SATV, DVD, internet access. It is located on the first floor of a stone house and it has 2 balconys which provide a magnificent view on the unforgettable sea. The interior is newly redecorated.

The large sand beach, numerous sunbathing plateaux, the clear sea and the quality of domestic food make Stobrec a pleasant summer resort. Entertainment can be found in nearby Split with its rich offer of cultural, sports and other events. The romantic canyon of the Zrnovnica river in the vicinity of Stobrec offers nice walking and recreation opportunities.

Well known beaches of Stobreč, from the sandy in the very centre of town to the rocky ones on the south-west, attract families with children as well as the romantics, Within reach is a safe mooring with the appropriate infrastructure for all kinds of tourist boats. Traditionally rich and diverse offer in gastronomy is followed by the appropriate accommodation and hotels.

Especially great possibilities are in sport recreations: from long walks by the sea to tennis fields, golf, bowling, basketball, handball and soccer. Shooters have at their disposal a shooting-ground for hunting and small caliber weapons, and those who enjoy the sea have excellent conditions for sailing, rowing, surfing or fishing. And for all others, who praise the sea but stick to the ground, there is volleyball, soccer and other kinds of entertainment.

The cultural entertainment is mainly based on the rich program of Summer in Split. However, Stobreč has its authentic national fiestas; they culminate in August by the marking of fiesta St Lawrence, the heavenly patron of the town.

Besides that, the tourist board of Stobreč offers also numerous possibilities of excursions, from cruises to the near by islands to excursions into the hinterland. Besides all natural, cultural-historical, gastronomic, entertaining and recreational-sporting facilities, the long tradition of organized tourism of Stobreč guarantees you that once you arrive to Stobreč you became a man of Stobreč forever!

Stobrec lies on a peninsula sprawling to the mainland. Nowadays Stobrec is a part of Split metropolitan area and 7 km far Diocletian´s Palaca is within easy reach as well.

A large number of restaurants display a varied choice of the traditional Dalmatian cuisine and beverages. Water-oriented activities in summer and the beaches to everyone´s liking guarantee a memorable pastime.

The cultural scene offers a bouquet of enteraining chices from fols festivals perfomances.

Originally a Greek colony, Stobrec became -later the Roman settlement Epetium. The monastery buildings were reconstructed on the ruins of the early Christian basilica of St. Lawrence, and where the apse of the basilica used to be, the small early Christian small church of St. Lawrence was erected (later Our Lady of Mount Carmel). The sarcophagus of Lucius Artorius Castus (a Roman prefect thought to possibly be one of the inspirations for some of the legends of King Arthur) was discovered in Stobreč.

The largest body of recorded ancient history in the vicinity of Stobreč relates to the development of Diocletian´s Palace, now within the present day city of Split. Diocletian founded this palace upon his retirement as Roman Emperor.

The steep cliff above the place has the ruins of the Stobreč citadel along with Klis, the most heavily fortified settlement in the vicinity of Split. The city gate is a part of the Greek defensive walls and is the only preserved Greek gate in the Adriatic. The Greek era knew this settlement under the name Epiteum/Epetium. It was founded in the 3 BC as the colony of Issa, today’s island of Vis.

The present - day Stobrec lies on a peninsula sprawling to the mainland. Surrounded by the sea with the population of 4000 and its accommodation facilities, it offers worthwhile excursions to the Mosor mountain and to the islands of Šolta and Brac. We hope your stay in our town will meet your expectations and make Stobrec your fun-filled destination.

At the classical times Stobrec was a signifícant sea-port town and, along with Tragurion (Trogir), the most ancient urban area on the eastern side of the Adriatic. It was founded and named Epetion by the Greek colonists from the the island of Vis (Issa) as early as the 3rd C. BC on the site of an older Illyrian settlement. Epetion developed close commercial relations with the neighbouring Illyrian settlements. The most impressive evidence of the existence ofthe ancient Epetion is the remains of a Greek wall in the north of the peninsula. This wall represents a rare example of the city fortifications in this area dating back to the centuries BC.

The introduction of Christiamty marked a new era in the history of Epetion. This period saw the building of a late fifth-century basilica of which the remains are still visible in the very centre of the town. It was dedicated to St. Lawrence, a Roman martyr, after whom the town was named (etymology by Father Frane Bulic). In the course of time Stobrec had become a coastal region parish with the seat in Klis. The seventh century put an end to a millennium long urban life of Stobrec transforming it into a rural settlement.

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